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flavour Na'Bania

Chinedu Okoli a.k.a. Flavour N'abania who is well known for his ability to sing fluently in the Igbo language, was born in Enugu State, Nigeria on the 23rd of November 1983. His family is originally from Umunze in Orumba South LGA, Anambra State, Nigeria
He is currently signed to 2nite Entertainment Music Label and in 2010, released his second album, Uplifted which contains some of his biggest hits including the popular track Nwa Baby (Ashawo).


Early life

Flavour kicked off his music career at the age of 13 when he started playing the drums for his church choir in Enugu. The resident pastor at his church introduced him to a friend, Chris I Ordor, the CEO of SoundCity Communications.  Mr Ordor had just started a musical company aimed at training young musicians on the basics of music and nurturing them all the way to a professional level. In 1996, Flavour was invited to join the company on an educational scholarship to study music. After 3 years of playing the drums, Flavour started playing the drums professionally. In 1999, Flavour moved on from playing the drums and started playing the keyboard.] He also used to provide backing vocals for other musicians at SoundCity.


Flavour eventually gained a scholarship to study music at the University of Nigeria, Nsukka but his mum was against his choice of study and intended career. Due to the unpredictable nature of a career in music, his mum wanted him to embark on something more professional and secure. In 2001 SoundCity Communications slowly started to relocate to Port Harcourt, which meant that Flavour was having to divide his time between Enugu and Port Harcourt. This proved somewhat difficult but his determination kept him focused. When the company finally relocated in 2003, Flavour had to prematurely terminate his scholarship due to his concerned mum's refusal for him to relocate to Port Harcourt.
In 2004, Flavour having terminated his music scholarship decided to sit the Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board (JAMB) and gained admission to study Business Administration in 2004. With music still in his blood, Flavour kicked off his solo live performance career at Bubbles Plaza, Enugu where he was given the name Flavour by his adoring fans. The name stemmed from the style of his music which was 'highlife' music with a blend of other current genres that people were familiar with. The fans called this 'blend' of music, his "Flavour" and he has kept the name ever since. By 2006, he had formed a band called "FLAVOUR AND CREW".

Music career

Local scene

Flavour got an offer to perform to a larger audience at City Centre, Enugu. He accepted the offer and his loyal fans followed him all the way. The larger space at City Centre made him very popular in Enugu State. This gave him the confidence and boost that he needed to expand his horizons.

He decided to start recording his music which led him to learning about music production from Dekumzy, Isi Charles and Nnachie. This also gave him the opportunity to work with other musicians which included Nigga Raw. Flavour recorded the single "N'abania" from his debut album at the Kingsley Ogoro's studio in Lagos, a single which featured Nigga Raw.

When Flavour took this recording back to Enugu, it was well received by his fans and that gave him the platform to start serious recordings and to become a full time musician and entertainer. His debut album "N'abania" which shares its name with his debut single was released in 2008 by Obaino Music. The album sold record numbers but only in the Eastern part of Nigeria and some other neighbouring African countries.

His second album was recorded 2 years later and he named the album "Uplifted" as he believed the album would take him to greater heights. The album has several hit singles and is believed to be one of the highest selling albums released in 2010. This album also increased his popularity across the african continent and overseas. In 2011 Flavour toured the US with his band and a few of his artist friends.

released his third album which had hit tracks like Baby Oku, Shake and Ada Ada. The album was launched alongside his Nite club "2nite Club" in Enugu at Toscana Hotels. It featured Nigerian music industry heavy weights like Wizkid, Tiwa Savage, Phyno, Iyanya, Bracket and many other local artists. Pictures From Album/ Club Launch

International career

In 2010, Flavour travelled to the United States of America where he performed in several cities.
 He has also toured around Europe including Italy, Germany and Switzerland.

On 11 November 2011, Flavour performed at the Channel O Music Video Awards in South Africa, an award ceremony in which his hit song 'Nwa Baby' received 2 nominations.

In November 2011, Flavour made his second trip to the US where he performed at various locations including Dallas, Houston and Oakland.

In February 2012, Flavour made his first trip to the United Kingdom where he performed at the Nigerian Kings of Comedy show in both London and Manchester.
Other countries Flavour has performed in include Malaysia, Uganda, Kenya, Congo, Ghana, Botswana, South Africa, Rwanda and many others.

Record label

In July 2011, Flavour and the record label he was signed onto decided to mutually terminate their contract due to dissatisfaction on both parts. Following the termination, Flavour warned young artistes to be mindful of the full obligations of contracts they enter into.



  • 2011 Channel O Music Video Awards
    • "Nwa Baby" - Most Gifted Afro-Pop Video.
    • "Nwa Baby" - Most Gifted African West Video.
  • Hip Hop World Awards Nigeria 2011
    • "Oyi" - Best RnB Single.
    • "Number One" - Best Collaboration (with M.I).




  • N'abania (2008)
  • Uplifted (2010)
  • Blessed (2012)


  • Iwe (2011)
In November 2011, Flavour recorded a tribute song dedicated to his late friend and fellow musician, MC Loph a.k.a. Obiajulu Nwaozor who died in a car crash MC Loph, who was also from Umunze, was travelling back to his hometown with his fiance and sister when the unfortunate accident occurred.
  • Ebezina (January 2012)
Following the removal of the fuel subsidy in Nigeria in January 2012, Flavour recorded a video depicting the suffering and hardship that people in his country are facing. The removal of the subsidy saw an increase in fuel of over 100%. In Flavour's song 'Ebezina' (which means 'Stop Crying' in his local language, Igbo), he sings about how the suffering and mortality rate in the country brings tears to his eyes. However, he also tries to console the nation by singing that he believes one day, things will get better.
  • Oyi - Remix Feat. Tiwa Savage (February 2012)
Flavour teamed up with Tiwa Savage to record a video for the remix of his single Oyi from his 'Uplifted' album. The video was shot in South Africa.
  • His hit single Nwa Baby (Ashawo)(2011), is based on the song "Sawale" by Nigerian artist Rex Lawson. Several versions have been made though out Africa. He has collaborated with ethipian artists Ziggy Zaga and Teddy Yo to create an Ethiopian version. The album includes a Ghanian Remix.


Flavour has also featured in the following songs:
  • Beautiful Baby - Bracket (2011)
  • Orobo (Remix) - Sound Sultan (2011)
  • Number One - M.I (2011)
  • Sisi Eko Remix - Darey (2011)
  • Enugu - Stormrex (2010)
  • My Baby - V.I.P, Ghana (2009)
  • Nyem Something - Nita J (2009)
  • Ife Osolugi Mebe - Tony One Week (2009)
  • Osondi Owendi - MC Loph (2009)

Personal life

Family life

Flavour comes from a large family of 4 siblings and 7 step siblings. His mother has five children and he is the first son. Flavour currently resides in Lagos after finally relocating from Enugu in 2010, however he frequents Enugu where he grew up and where his parents still live. Although his mum didn't support his music career at the early stages, she is now a big fan.


Although Flavour does not actively engage in any sports himself, he loves watching football and is a massive Arsenal FC fan. To wind down, Flavour enjoys playing snooker, computer games or working out in his home gym.


In November 2011, Flavour registered the Chinedum Flavour N'abania Music Foundation aimed at giving music education scholarships and teaching music appreciation to young people. The first Chinedum Okoli scholarship for best student in music at the College of Immaculate Conception (CIC), Enugu will be awarded in 2012.


Growing up, Flavour was inspired by musicians such as Osita Osadebe, Fela Kuti and Rex Lawson.



  1. Hello Flavour. I don't know how to get in touch with you. But this site looks like it has been updated last by 2011. Lets hope my massage gets through.

    I have just finished school on Creative multimedia, so I intend to make a short animation to see how good I am so I can tackle bigger projects in the future. The idea that came to me was to make a music video of your popular song "Nawa Babe". You might like it when its done. I just don't wanna break the copyright laws or anything. Is there any other direct way to contact you?


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