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Desmond Elliot

Elliot was born to a Yoruba father and an Igbo mother; because of this, Elliot has described himself as being a Pan-African. He received his primary education at Air Force Primary School and later attended St John’s College, both in Jos. In 2003 he graduated from Lagos State University where he studied Economics.

Elliot was influenced by a friend to become an actor.  He started playing roles in soap operas like Everyday People, One Too Much and Saints and Sinners. He is one of Nollywood's leading actors, having appeared in over two hundred films including Men Who Cheat, Yahoo Millionaire and Atlanta. In 2008 Elliot co-produced and co-directed the movie "Reloaded" which received 3 nominations at the African Movie Academy Awards in 2009.

 In 2009 and 2010, Elliot was nominated for the Best Actor category at the Nigeria Entertainment Awards. Also in 2010, Elliot has been competing to become the ambassador for the Face of Hope Project, a "volunteer-based non-profit, non-religious, non-political organization established to give hope to the hopeless", in which he will work toward fixing "child illiteracy in Nigeria and Africa at large" if he is the victor.

Bursting Out (2010)[15]
Holding Hope (2010)[15]
Nollywood Hustlers (2010)[16]
Before the Light (2009)[17]
Final Tussle (2008) (V)
Guilty Pleasures (2008)[18]
Black Night in South America (2007)
A Better Place (2007)
Caught-Up (2007)
Double Game (2007)
Fine Things (2007)
Ghetto Queen (2007)
Secret Pain (2007)
Men Who Cheat (2006)
A Time to Love (2007) .... Hank
Yahoo Millionaire (2007) .... Jerry
Put It on Me (2006)
Asunder (2006)
Behind the Plot (2006)
Divided Attention (2006)
Efficacy (2006)
Extreme Measure (2006) ... Festus
Final Point (2006)
The Greatest Sacrifice (2006)
King of the Town (2006)[19]
Love Wins (2006) .... Austin
Married to the Enemy (2006)
My Little Secret (2006)
My Sister My Love (2006) .... Jar
Naked Sin (2006)
Romeo (2006)
Strange Love (2006)
Supremacy (2006)
Too Late to Claim (2006)
Traumatised (2006)
Unbreakable Affair (2006)
Up to Me (2006)
Without Apology (2006)
The Wolves (2006)
Zoza (2006)
A Night in the Philippines (2005)[20]
2 Face (2005)
Behind Closed Doors (2005)
The Bet (2005)
Broadway (2005)
Destiny's Challenge (2005)
Flying Without Wings (2005)
Fools in Love (2005)
Games Women Play (2005)
Girls in the Hood (2005)
Hold Me Down (2005)
It's Juliet or No One (2005)
Just Me (2005)
The King's Son (2005)
Knowing You (2005)
Men Do Cry (2005)
My Precious Son (2005)
My Sister My Child (2005)
My Sister's Act (2005)
Now & Forever (2005)
Orange Groove (2005)
The Price of Love: Life Is Beautiful (2005)
Shackles of Death (2005)
Wedding Gift (2005)
Wheel of Change (2005)
Images in the Mirror (2004) .... Deji[21]
Above Love (2004)
Atlanta (2004)
Big Pretenders (2004)
Cinderella (2004)
Danger Signal (2004)
Deep Loss (2004)
Died to Save (2004)
Discord (2004)
For Real (2004)
A Kiss from Rose (2004)
Lake of Fire (2004) .... Brother Emmanuel
Life in New York (2004)
Magic Moment (2004)[22]
Melody of Life (2004)
Missing Angel(2004)
Passion of Mind (2004)
Power of Trust (2004)
Promise & Fail (2004)
True Romance (2004)
Great Change (2003)
Magic Love (2003)
My Faithful Friend (2003)
Passion & Pain (2003)
Tunnel of Love (2003)
Fire Love (2002)
Jesu Mushin (2002)

Television(Soap Opera)

Everyday People (Soap Opera)

One Too Much (Soap Opera)

Saints and Sinners (Soap Opera)


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