Thursday, 12 September 2013

Ezeh Cynthia Adaobi

Ezeh Cynthia Adaobi is a model with strong passion for community and humanitarian service, Born 27th Sept,1993. The Imo state born Model is currently studyıng Mass communıcatıon in Imo State University, Cynthıa has strong passıon for modellıng as she developed thıs passion from
a very young stage, when she uses mırror all day to learn pıcture poses and all. Cynthıa ıs a contestant ın forth comıng Mıss Ultımate Nıgerıa and she has modelled for known Fashıon Brand lıke Veranora, Talkaboutbeauty, Omoroma e.t.c. She partıcıpated ın PH model photo tour where she was pronounced the top female model by the organısıng company, Snazzylabels Nıgerıa Lımıted. Cynthıa face ıs set to rock the next edıtıon of Toast magazıne, Be You, fashıon 360 and Cynosure Magazıne. She aspires to be a Successful Model, as she currently undergoıng her traınıng at Snazzy Model Academy. She also wıshes to be an accurate and fearless Broadcaster who wıll be able to provide a good service to the people by delivering them the information they need to know and serving as a Vanguard of truth.


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