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Omodu Jack West Worlu

Omodu Jack West Worlu was born on July 31, in the Port Harcourt, Rivers State.One time Port Harcourt youth leader in 2010, and Phalga ward 2 chairman of Action Congress of Nigeria (ACN). In 2012 September 28th, he founded
Garden City Magazine Ltd, specifically targeted to promote Rivers State and the South-South Nigeria. Propelled by the extraordinary success of Garden City Magazine, he has become one of the most successful and respected magazine publishers in Southern Nigeria.

In 2013 November 10th, he also founded Garden City Magazine Lounge, Bar & Restaurant.Again in 2015 Omodu Jack-West Worlu published a book he wrote in honor of his father, titled “Facts, Quotes & Proverbs of Highlife Legend” (Jack-West Omodu aka Western). His magazine has won him several awards; some includes Rivers State Writers Association (RSWA) best award of excellence of the year 2013, Rivers State Government (RSG) award of merit promoting Rivers State culture 2014, and South-South Peoples Voice (SSPV) award for best magazine of the year 2015. Among others.

Early Life

Publisher and entrepreneur Omodu Jack West Worlu, was born on July 31st, in Port Court City, Rivers State. He grew up in Ogbumnuabalia neighborhood plagued at the time by violence nevertheless, West’s parents-his father a musician and founder of Garden City Band No1. And his mother a trader,in him a strong work ethic and desire to succeed West had wanted to be a musician like his father but the father discouraged him very early, his reasons was that musicians were not respected in Nigeria then and there was no much of money in the music business then etc.

West attended Shammah Nursery & Primary and proceeded to Hallel College in Port Harcourt, where he excelled academically and was a star defender in his school football team. After graduating from high school in 1999, in November 1999 his father died, he however earned scholarship to the University through his local government as a respect accorded to his late father. He graduated with a degree in project management.

Political Party


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  2. I know him, cool dude and very hard working. Get a life and stop hating a successful young.

    1. Westo Baba, correct boy. Carry on Jare!

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  3. #Boss, #Oga, #Mentor I will always respect u, you told me how u started from nowhere to become a name and ceo. God bless you for how you've looked after me, paid me salaries and allow me use company equipment make extra cash. God bless you. Good man with a good woman as a wife. #blessyou

  4. Correct guy. Handsome!